Dreaming of Where I’d Rather Be

A year and a half ago I was celebrating my birthday at the top of Lake Louise in Banff at the Lake Agnes Tea House. The Canadian Rockies are really something else and probably the dreamiest place I’ve been to date. With that being said, it was Fall 2015 that really opened my awareness to the untapped potential that is #optoutside #getoutside #wanderlust. I truly crave the next adventure – to the point where sometimes I miss being out of town on the weekend.

unnamed (4)

Since that wanderlusty trip through the glacial-turquoise-lake-covered mountains, I’ve focused a lot of my artistic efforts on capturing moments otherwise gone. Within this post I’ve shared pieces expanding beyond my clay obsessed creations. It honestly all started with a single black and white watercolor…a local, fellow artist @woodruffcoates, challenged me as an artist to start a series. Little did I realize this series would grow to include clay and acrylic alongside watercolor – but my heart is full of stoke and happiness with the little army of art I’ve created capturing my #soulplaces. Here are a few of my #dreamingofwhereidratherbe creations and places near and dear to my heart! This is really just the beginning, with so much more to come #getinspired #stayinspired #beinspired #inspireothers.


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