I currently reside in Northern California, specifically in Campbell, CA and exercise my passion for clay at a studio in neighboring Los Gatos, CA. I am constantly inspired by the nature and scenery that surrounds me and from the many adventures I take in life. I consider myself a ceramicist and lover of life. You can find me in the studio barefoot and listening to music, fueled by coconut lattes, and creating pieces from a variety of clays, techniques and glazes. I also enjoy being outdoors hiking, backpacking, beach running, trail running, rollerblading, painting, cooking, brewing and drinking beer, and ultimately: creating. I hope you enjoy all that I have to share as each creation is a small piece of me!

My Story & Where It All Began

[2004] I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH until 14 yo at which point my family moved clear across the country to coastal Los Angeles, CA on the Palos Verdes Peninsula to the horse-friendly town of Rolling Hills Estates. In an effort to make friends the summer prior to my Freshman year in high school, with my artistic aptitude in mind, my mother signed me up for a ceramics class at the local, Palos Verdes Peninsula Art Center. Little did either of us know that the practice of all things clay was largely dominated by older and wiser potters – as distinguished by gray hair and wrinkles – from the surrounding community. So, it looked like I would have an elite group of potters to solidify a foundation in the world of pottery, but out of luck with finding friends for the summer. In the end, I walked away from my first experience with clay astonished by what I was able to create with my own two hands. Ceramics I was added to my Freshman year schedule.

unnamed-8 [2004-2008] Mr. Smith was my first ceramics teacher in academia. Mr. Smith’s class is where I learned basic pinch-pot forming to practicing various sized vessels. Bob Marley’s ‘Could You Be Loved’ would soon be my favorite song as it seemed to play on repeat as I tenaciously dedicated hours on the potter’s wheel.

My second teacher, Mr. Meade, challenged and inspired students to exercise creativity outside of the repetition of a wheel-thrown vessel. I developed and submitted my Studio Art AP Portfolio, inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe. Flowers became my muse and are still central to a lot of my work. Earthy textures, glazes, and themes would be the essence of my art.

[2008-2013] I’ve fallen in love a few times in life…stepping on Cal Poly’s campus for the first time was one of them. San Luis Obispo, located on the beautiful central coast of California, would have a special place in my heart (and still does!) and be my inspiration to this day. The Cal Poly Craft Center is where I spent the majority of my time when I wasn’t trail running through Poly Canyon or studying for Engineering exams. I spent my years in college teaching basic wheel-throwing to students and community members. Yes, there was an awkward Ghost-movie moment with a student. Yes, there were kiln explosions. Yes, there were late night throw-sesh’s with a bar set up in the damp room. Yes, I sold countless shot glasses and cereal bowls. And yes, I loved every minute of it.

I also discovered the adrenaline-rush raku firing technique. My fellow ceramic instructors rigged propane tanks to garbage cans and collected old kiln shelving and firebrick to have weekend raku firings. Tacos, beer, and pots…life was good!

[2013-Present] My job out of college brought me to the Bay Area. I currently practice pottery at a local studio and continue to be inspired by the many adventures life has to offer.